Så fort du kan, vart du vill.

It has been almost exactly three years since my feet touched Swedish soil. So last week, when I found a last minute train special to Stockholm, I decided to go for it and finally, FINALLY visit my old friend Ella and her boyfriend Per who have a beautiful house here.

After 22 fucking hours on a train (I should really master my fear of flying soon...) I arrived tired but happy and the next morning, I woke up to this sight. By the way - I live in the "guesthouse". Have I mentioned that my guests can choose between a blanket on the floor and the couch?!

Here I am, fairly tired and just woken up. Hej hej!

Yesterday we mostly hung out around the house, which is so beautiful I might just move in permanently. Don't tell my hosts though, they don't know about my plans yet...

They have a tiny bit of forest at the end of the garden, and you can harvest blueberries and strawberries - amongst other things.

In the evening we got a bit hungry, so I was swept away to a lovely Italian restaurant in Uppsala, where I had the best pasta I have eaten in at least a year...

We finished our day on the couch, screaming at the television because the German team was playing and we suddenly became very patriotic.

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