More pictures from paradise

On Monday morning I decided that life is not all fun and games and so after breakfast, I plonked down here to work a little.

After a few hours, my lovely hosts decided that this was still my vacation and took me to the next town for lunch.

In case anybody hasn't noticed - they live in fucking Paradise City, also known as Sigtuna.

After lunch we walked around for a bit and then Ella and I decided to walk the 9km back home.

We came by a little beach at the lake and brave Ella hopped in, while I sat at the beach, shaking my head and smoking.

Stormy clouds we're rolling in, so we walked home a bit faster than actually planned.

But then the clouds fucked off by the time we got home, and we hopped into their pool. Yes, they have a pool. I ask them to adopt me around seven times a day.

And because my hosts are very considerate and smart people (seriously guys, adopt me now!) the man of the house made some fire to warm us up before bed time.

The next morning I went to Stockholm for an entire day by myself and cried at random street corners. We'll talk about that another time...

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