What has happened in the past 3 months?!

I went to a lot of job interviews.

I got incredibly drunk with a hockey team, danced until my feet hurt and kissed an unwilling handsome bearded guy. 

It got really really warm and really sunny.

I started to read books again and deleted all games on my phone.

I bought beauty masks from South Korea and now I look like Beyoncé (more on that later!).

It started raining and just never stopped for 4 weeks straight.

I got offered a truly exciting project for next winter and accepted.

I booked myself a trip to Denmark.

I booked myself a trip to Sweden

I went to an Asian massage place and a tiny woman stood on my neck until my spine cracked really loudly.

I started a Podcast with my brilliant young friend Sophie, who is unfortunately a genius. You can find it here

I ate a lot of raspberries.

Taylor Swift started dating Tom Hiddleston and that made me sad.

This is now and forever my new favourite song. 

Happy Monday! 

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