They do not forgive, they do not forget.

Since everyone is freaking out over "How to make a murderer" on Netflix right now, I thought I would take the chance to recommend another great film on Netflix. I recently watched "We are legion" about the online activist group Anonymous, and it was one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It also really made me wanna re-watch "V for Vendetta". But that's another topic...

If you are like me and only have dangerous half-knowledge-nuggets about Anonymous or Wikileaks, this is for you! Also, if you don't really know how to feel about hackers and "hacktivism" - this is for you! Not that the documentary spells out the answer for you (because it's a good documentary, and good documentaries don't do that!) but it gives you enough material to build yourself an own (informed) opinion. It's also really funny, sometimes a little sad and most of all: crazy interesting!

The film gives an overview over the history of Anonymous, their infamous fight with Scientology, members who got into legal trouble, simply by doing what they thought was the "right thing" and the involvement of Anonymous in the Arab Spring.

No matter how you decide to feel about it all in the end, it's definitely worth watching this!

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