He was the nazz with God-given ass.

I didn't know that I assumed he was immortal, until I heard he died. Until I saw the push messages on my screen saying "David Bowie dies of cancer at age 69". And I am so confused, as I stumble into the bathroom to brush my teeth. How can David Bowie have died? Isn't dying just for humans?

As I toast my bread, I think about people who believe that Tupac and Michael Jackson and Elvis are still alive, sitting on a lonely island somewhere, sipping cocktails and watching the sun go down. I think about the fact that these people are clearly insane and deluded. And then I think "But,... maybe Bowie isn't really dead. He didn't even age like a normal human being. He still looked 38 and sounded 27. How could he be dead?"

I think of that movie Velvet Goldmine and how the main character pretends to die on stage. Maybe it's that kind of situation? His album just came out! And he sounds so good on it! So alive! So intergalactic and otherworldly.

I honestly didn't know I cared this much. I honestly didn't know that I assumed he was immortal. Because he died so many times and then resurrected himself time and time again that you kinda got used to it.

Being born in 1986, for me, Bowie was always..."around". He was in my parents' record player and in movies and on MTV. He was musical history but still somehow relevant. He was a given. The cool guys in my school would sing "Space Oddity" around campfires on class trips. And I mean - the really cool guys! The ones you fancied and swooned over. They played Bowie. Because they knew something I would only realize years later: the genius of David Bowie was, that he could make us - insignificant, 15-year-old teenagers from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, who had never seen true hardship in their lives - feel like the heroes he sang about.

Heroes. Just for a day.

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