2016's first list.

Well, let's be honest for a second: So far this year has not been great. Turning on the news might cause mild to severe depression these days, David Bowie just died and today Alan Rickman also left this planet for good. Well, since everything looks a bit grey and shitty right now - let's cheer ourselves up with a fun little list of stuff you can find on the internet.

1_ My two heroes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler doing what they do best - being awesome! 

2_ He is back! My imaginary husband Ryan Gosling is back - after what feels like a trillion years without a movie, he is going to be in at least one this year. And the really good news is this: He gets to be funny! And funny Gosling is the best Gosling, so hold on to your panties - here is the trailer for his upcoming film! (insert fangirl screaming here)

3_ Finally! Someone actually took the time to unmask some of pop culture's biggest icons. With fairly surprising results...

4_  I know - this is superold! But it never fails to cheer me up. Ever. Because this girl slays!

5_ Aaand even more Tina Fey. Because she is the best. The End.

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