Tuesday in Prague

After a lovely Monday (during which I somehow didn't take any pictures), Tuesday rolled around. My host Tereza had to work, so I was left to discover the city all by myself. I put on some lipstick to honour the occasion.

The city looked grey and foggy today, so instead of walking I took one of the teeeny-tiny trams into town center.

It is ridiculous how much prettier than German trams they are. <3

I started my day with breakfast at Café Louvre, which is a place right out of an Audrey Hepburn movie. Fluffy mini pancakes with strawberry sauce. Honestly, I could move here for the fucking food alone!

I met a guy from San Diego, who was sitting at the table next to me, and he gave me a drawing he did of me (insert a mental image of my very confused face here...). I'm pretty sure I have never looked like that in my entire life, but it was nice nonetheless (and yeah, a bit creepy, too...).

Afterwards I went back into the maze of cobblestone streets.

I went here and bought myself some Czech shoes.

Then I thought some culture might be in order, so - considering my Jewish ancestry - I went to the Jewish quarter of town. Very beautiful, but they charge you for everything, down to the old Jewish cemetery, so I didn't really see much.

Afterwards I walked along the river for a while and enjoyed the panorama view.

Around midday, I met my friend Tereza for lunch at her job. She works for one of the biggest beer companies in Czech.

I had fried cheese with a side of fries and mayonnaise. Because apparently this is a national dish. I have no idea how they are not all morbidly obese and dying of scurvy here...

Here's me, very excited. Beer for lunch makes that happen.

When I had (halfway) finished my lunch, I waved goodbye to Tereza and walked to Charles Bridge, which is probably the most typical spot in Prague. I may have cried a tiny bit, because it was so pretty. The pictures really don't do it justice!

And when my feet were finally too tired to go any further, I took the tram home.

Highlight of the day - by the way: They sell absurd penis-shaped cakes around here. Which are filled with cream! I mean... I was FaceTiming with my roomie on the computer and she had to avert her eyes when I tried to eat it. How anybody could eat one of these in public is an absolute mystery to me!

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