Co je české, to je hezké.

I have been traveling way too little this year, because of no time and no money. But a few weeks ago, I found a supercheap bus ticket to Prague and remembered, that my old friend Tereza lives here! So on Saturday morning I took my pick and pack and went to sit in a bus for ten hours.

On Sunday morning (after a good, long sleep), my lovely host woke me up to this: A full-blown breakfast with pancakes! Can I get a woot woot?!  

After we devoured a ton of pancakes with cream cheese and jam, we got ourselves ready to leave for a walk through Prague. Here's my guide. Hello!

We walked up a hill, past some beautiful houses, past a telephone line with a ton of shoes on it (which made me wonder, if that thing with the shoes means the same thing worldwide?!) and through a park.

And then, we got to see this: Beautiful, beautiful Prague from above! Well worth the exhaustion!

After a bit of looking around, we walked back down again, towards the Old Town.

And then for the most important part of day: Lunch! We had a typical Czech dish, that I forgot the name of, with a side of enormous (!) dumplings and some Staropramen. Deliciousness all around!

Afterwards, we got some coffee and sat under this tree, that somehow still has green leaves on it, even though Christmas is about two weeks away.

I had this to drink: Kofola, which is apparently more popular here than Coca Cola. I love me some Coca Cola, but this is honestly delicious. A bit like a Christmas Cookie and some liquorice put in a blender with Cola. Not bad at all...

We walked around a whole lot more - to immediately train of the dumplings - until it got a little dark.

And then it was time for some hockey. Yeah, yeah, I know, hockey hockey hockey...

The arena was insanely big and modern. I was not used to this kind of hockey luxuries.

But (I am very pleased to say), even though there is a lot of glitz and glamour and half-naked cheerleaders, there is still so much more emotion and excitement in the dingy, little thing where my hometeam plays. Still, after a large beer, we were very excited anyways. Sparta Praha won, even though the opposite team was better. Just in case anybody cares...

And then, after all the hockey had been played and all the beer been drunk, we walked home and collapsed into our beds. A very good first day in Prague...

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