2015 - A list

I traditionally end every year with a list. Of everything good and bad, funny and sad, brilliant and miserable. Here's last years listand here is the one for this past year. 

travelled: Brighton, Denmark, Prague.
ate: any burger I could get my hands on.
drank: Seven gin & tonics in one night. Yes, I barfed the next day. Like the true grown-up I am...
listened to: Tons of music I would have deemed „shitty“ a few years ago.
read: A lot, which I liked.
watched: Netflix. All. Of. The. Time. It's a miracle I get anything done, really!
walked: Everywhere. I really need a bike.

drove: I sold my car. Me being unemployed works out unexpectedly well for the environment.
ran: Nowhere. Running sucks, I am big enough a person to admit that freely now!
met: A funny, smart girl at my old job who eventually became my new roommate, my quasi-wife and my new favourite person in this world.
cried: Mostly in front of cheesy movies. And sometimes for actual proper reasons.
laughed: About anything Amy Poehler and Tina Fey said, did or made.
lay down: At the beach, on green green grass and in my comfy, cosy bed.
danced: Like a maniac at a sport's gala event. We had to buy a litre of soda and seven (!) cheeseburgers on the way home.
stood: With my newborn goddaughter in my arms and fell massively in love with a tiny, perfect, slightly crumpled human being.

lost: A little bit of optimism and some silly fears.
gained: The belief that „WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK?!?!“ is quite a good life motto sometimes.
best moment: Standing in a freezing ice rink, counting down seconds on a clock and then screaming like crazy and bursting into hysterical tears when my home hockey team won the championship. Honestly: Tears were squirting out of my eyes manga-comic-style! What happened to me...
worst moment: Having to put my dog Molly down. Worst Valentine's Day of all time.
funniest moment: Secretly peeing in a bucket on holiday, with at least 30 people standing outside the door, chit-chatting about the weather and my friend had to guard the door to make sure nobody saw us. And yes: She peed in that exact same bucket around 2 minutes later. Not our finest moment, to be honest.
best concert: Secaina Hudson in Brighton.

done for the first time: Quit my job, got a tattoo inside my lower lip, interviewed people in front of a camera, went to a beach party, danced on a table whilst wearing a Dirndl.
done for the (hopefully) last time: Let myself be pushed around and bullied by horrible people.
something new: My roommate, my Beyoncé tattoo, my absurd amount of enthusiasm for anything hockey.
something old: Still trying to be a good and decent person. More or less successfully.

what I was thankful for in 2015: My crazy awesome friends, my family, being healthy, the invention of Spaghetti Bolognese and, as always: Ryan Gosling.

what I want for 2016: Let's be honest and cut the crap – a boyfriend would actually be nice. If you're a halfway decent guy who remembers to take showers on a regular basis and you're able to make jokes that I can laugh about without wanting to shoot myself, then: call me! Cheers dude! 

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