Show me what you got.

Since I got a shitload of awesome presents for my birthday, I thought I'd show off a bit and show yo some of the things I got from friends and family.

Since my old yoga mat has reached a biblical age and smells of feet and farts by now, my brilliant roomie Martina got me a new one - WITH A PICTURE ON IT! And not just any picture, it shows my favourite place in the whole wide world. Best yoga mat ever!

My friend Sophie meanwhile got me my very own customized zippo. Proving that she reads this blog and also gets my not-so-subtle hints that I wanted this for my birthday very much!

Just a few weeks back, I realized that I don't actually own all the Star Wars films on dvd. My uncle took care of that deficiency... (Yes, that is my light saber next to the dvd box. Yes, I am currently single.)

I also got some favourites when it comes to beauty stuff: Anything by Weleda is awesomepants in general and Burt's Bees are pretty much the only thing that helps my dry skin during the winter. 

A friend got me this teeny tiny gin bottle, filled with the best gin in the world. 

I also got a bunch of cool books. Pretty much the best thing you can give me as a present. Apart from booze. Or food. Or Ryan Gosling...

And my mum got me our traditional family gift of one kilo of gummy bears - assorted by colour. We are weird with food...

I also got a lovely Fred Perry skirt, but for some reason it didn't photograph well. So you just have to take my word for it.

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