Monday List.

Aaaand it's time for your weekly list of awesome! Stuff I found online, that I really liked, and that you are now gonna see and think "Man, that girl knows what's up!". Boom - you're welcome!

1_ Otis Johnson went to jail when he was 25, and 44 years later was released. Now he has to adjust to the modern world. Probably the most touching 6 minutes of Youtubeclip I have ever seen.

2_ South Korea is the country with the most plastic surgery procedures per capita. That means: Almost everybody get's stuff "done". Here's a tumblr that shows before and after pictures. Which is weirdly addictive (believe me, you can not stop looking, even if you want to!) and also made me really sad. They all look so much like unhappy dolls in the end...

3_ So imagine my joy when I found out, that superhot James McAvoy and supersuperhot Daniel Radcliffe would be in a film together! Oh, how I dreamed about this film... Now it is out, and since I saw the trailer, my joy is a little dampened. It looks way too scary for me and Daniel Radcliffe looks weird with long hair. But anyways, here is the trailer to Victor Frankenstein, which - let's face it - I will watch, even if it gives me nightmares! (Because, to increase the general hotness of the film, MORIARTY FROM SHERLOCK IS IN IT, TOO!!!!)

4_ What would you do, if you weren't afraid? This girl does exactly that! For 100 days! Impressive, and a bit scary...

5_ Melissa McCarthy. Anything she does is hilarious. This film is on top of my list for 2016! Woop!

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