5 things from the Internet.

Because Tuesdays are the week's worst days and suck sweaty balls - here are five things from the internet, to brighten up your day!

1_ Kirsten O'Regan is a freelance writer and traveller and she recently travelled Iran all by herself. If you need something interesting to read during your lunch break: This is it! 

2_ My spirit animal Amy Poehler does a lot of things well. She is smart, she is funny, she is mean in just the right ways - and my homegirl can also sing! Yes, that's right: During a performance by Tenacious D, she showed up on stage, wearing a drugged-up-hippie-outfit and sang her heart out. What can I say?! She NAILED IT!

3_ Last week I saw this hilarious comedy documentary about Elaine Stritch, who died last year. I cried about 6 times and laughed about 24 times. It's not on Netflix, but you can stream it online and you definitely should!

4_ Elle UK recently photoshopped men out of various pictures, to show how few women are actually around. It's part of their #MOREWOMEN campaign. You should check out their video. It's quite shocking, actually...

5_ And last but not least: NEW PIXAR MOVIE! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!

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