5 things for Monday

It's time for your favourite list - the five things from the internet list. It's here to brighten up your Monday, to take your mind off work or other boring shit you have to do right now or to help you put the 'pro' in 'procrastinate'. Here we go!


I have been at it again, and now I am shamelessly self-advertising my newest product: It's a Hotline Bling Party Banner WITH a dancing Drake on each side. How awesome can your wall get?! Go buy it here and help me pay rent this month! Wooot! 

2_ It's Sally Field and Schmidt from New Girl and I will probably watch this and cry like a little bitch whilst eating chocolate ice cream with a soup ladle...

3_ It's famous landmarks in their actual surroundings. Quite eye-opening actually...

4_ End of the year mash-ups have become quite a big thing over the past few years. This one is a little over the top, as it combines 98 (!) songs into one big super-mash-up. The first minute is a bit annoying, but after that: Holy Mother of Moses - does it get good!

5_ There are few countries in this world that I find more horrifying than North Korea. But it turns out their interior design and architecture kinda reminds you of a Wes Anderson film. It's equally beautiful and creepy. Check it out here!

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