If I had a million dollars

Aaaah, autumn. The season of birthdays is upon us. I don't know if it's just me, but come September and there is at least one birthday of someone special in my life. And since I love giving presents, I am on high alert when it comes to buying birthday presents right now. Until the end of November, and then Christmas season starts...

But the good thing with looking for birthday presents is the fact that you can sneakily look for stuff you want yourself and then show it to people and go: "Look, isn't that just gooorgeous?!". Also - if you need inspiration to give away presents - here are some ideas:

Engraved Zippo

It's pretty much the best thing to engrave or embroider stuff. Once gave my little sister a baseball jacket with her initials embroidered: huge success! Also - Zippos are basically the coolest way to light a cigarette. This one is something my favourite blogger Sandra Beijer got for her birthday. (Picture also taken from her blog)

The perfect notebook

Every time I'm in a town with an Urban Outfitters store, I decide to buy this notebook and every time I think "32 Euros for a fucking notebook. Nope. You're broke, put it away!"
Well, but it is the perfect notebook. And maybe there is someone in your life who wants to write stuff into it.

"See, he's her lobster!"

For the tv show fanatic in your life. The absolutely bestestest sweater from the Swedish label Manners. There are also other fictional couples up for grabs, but as a diehard Friends fan, this is the only one I would pick.

The political-statement-with-popcultural-reference-shirt

My very favourite shirt ever is from this other Swedish label called Faggot Apparel. And they now have a new design, which is awesome. And fairly cheap. So, for the politically involved Joy Division fan in your life: Buy this!

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