Halloween movies for the easily scared

Aaaah, Halloween is upon us. Since October 31st is also my birthday, I'm not a massive fan per se, but I can see the appeal in general. And I can also see the appeal of scary movies, but I already crap my pants when I'm home alone and decide to watch a crime show. So, for all the other wuzzes out there - I composed a list of halloween films you can also enjoy if you are a scared little eight-year-old at heart. Enjoy! (Preferably on a grey and sucky day, with a hangover and a few cheeseburgers...)

The Addams Family

Hilarious, dark and from the 90s - what more do you want?! It stars Anjelica Houston as Morticia Addams - the mother of the family, and Christina Ricci as my personal hero Wednesday Addams. Basically, it's a family comedy in a fairly "goth" milieu. There are actually two films, "The Addams Family" and "The Addams Family - Family Values" and both are brilliant.

Death becomes her

Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn - already two of my favourite women in the world, team up with a very young Bruce Willis and Isabella Rosselini in this masterpiece. Meryl Streep plays a vain actress, who wants to stop time and stay young forever. One night, the beautiful Isabella Rosselini shows up and gives her a magic potion, that makes her immortal. Unfortunately, Meryls old rival, played by Goldie Hawn also gets a sip of it and the two women are trapped in a sort of immortality limbo for all eternity. Superfunny and only slightly icky at times...

Dracula - Dead and loving it

Mel Brooks is the genius behind films like "Spaceballs" or "Robin Hood - Men in tights". Basically, the man is into parodies. And so this gem is a fun take on Bram Stokers classic about Transylvanian aristocrat Count Dracula. It stars Leslie Nielsen as Dracula and is the one film my little sister and I can quote word for word, because we have seen it a million times. My mother leaves the room, rolling her eyes every time we do, by the way...

The Witches

The only film in here that is strictly a kids film and coincidentally also the scariest. It's based on Roald Dahls book and is about a little kid who gets turned into a mouse by witches and tries to bring them down, together with his grandmother. I was so scared when I watched it as a little child, but I guess I could manage to watch it now. Maybe. If I wasn't alone and left all the lights in the house on.

Shaun of the dead

Already, maybe this is the scariest. It has zombies in it, and I hate zombies. But it also stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two losers who just want to survive the zombie apocalypse and is probably the most British film in the history of zombie movies.

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