5 Things Friday

Oh yes, it's Friday. Which means nothing to me, because I am currently unemployed. But for everyone else, there a five things to shorten the wait until it's finally the weekend...

1_ Adele is back! No, let me rephrase that: ADELE IS BACK! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! This morning, she was on the BBC1 radio breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw (another gay British man I want to marry...) and cried live on the air. And she presented her new song. And it's awesomepants. Did you hear me? AWESOMEPANTS! 

2_ It's Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. If you'd throw in Daniel Radcliffe and Miranda Hart, we'd have my perfect imaginary dinner party!

3_ It's 50 of the most powerful and important photos in American history. Very touching, very beautiful, very well done.

4_ Sandra Bullock could make a movie that shows her on the toilet for threee hours, picking her nose and drinking Diet Coke and I would watch it! But this new film actually looks promising even if Sandy was not in it...

5_ It's a raccoon who thinks she is a dog. I mean... isn't that so cute that you want to punch something or someone in the face?!  

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