5 Films To Watch This Autumn.

Autumn - the season of staying the fuck in and watching movies on the couch whilst in comfortable pyjamas and also eating a lot of unhealthy food. Here are some humble suggestions for your film schedule...

The Danish Girl

Hot contestant for the award season that is upon us. Eddie Redmayne plays Lili Elbe, a Danish painter and also one of the first people to receive gender reassignment surgery. Looks extremely promising! (And also I have a weird thing for Eddie Redmayne...)

The Little Prince

Maybe this is cliché, but this trailer had me in tears. Even though I think The Little Prince is the most overrated piece of children's literature ever written (may the shitstorm begin!), but I guess Pixar can fix anything. And Hans Zimmer did the soundtrack as a little bonus...


Not sure if I had this one on the blog already, but anyway: here's something for a fun little feminist movie night. Looks supergood and if Meryl is in it - basically nothing can go wrong!

He named me Malala

Probably the film I am most excited about. It's unbelievably impressive to see how smart, passionate and strong one young girl can be. I have seen this trailer about 10 times, and it left me hysterically sobbing every time. Maybe I will wait for it to be on Netflix, because I can't wail like that in the cinema...

Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom

Speaking of Netflix: They have a new documentary for anyone, who is definitely interested in what's happening in the world, but if asked "Can you explain what's going on in Ukraine?" has to fake an asthma attack to go to the toilet and google the shit out of the whole thing. I started watching this documentary last night and feverishly finished it today. Unbelievably interesting, beautiful cinematography and not boring for a single second! Five out of five thumbs up!

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