5 Things From The Internet - The Welcome Back Edition

Aaaah, the internet. Probably my favourite place in the world. Apart from the beach. Or the forest on a rainy autumn day. Or the mountains. Or New York. ... Alright, so it's in the Top 5. Mostly because you can find amazing shit here. And we haven't had a fun-times-internet-list-thingy in AGES!

1. If you love comedy (like I do) and get semi-obsessed over funny comedians (like I do), this is clearly the documentary for you! I haven't seen it yet, but this trailer looks awesomepants!

2. Here's a fun collection of maps that show certain aspects of the world. For example: Which sport is most popular in which country. Apparently hockey is only king in Canada and Finnland...

3. Kristen Wiig is a genius, a saint (I'm assuming here...) and a funny, funny woman. Need to watch this - NOW!

4. It's the question of all questions: Are you a trendsetter? Well, probably not. Because nobody is, really. But now there is a website that gives you a definite answer how much of a musical trendsetter you really are. How many artists have you listened to on Spotify, before (!) they made it big? My disappointing number was 4. There might be a chance that my cool, hip, early 20s are over now...

5. And now for the funniest film I have seen this year. IT HAS MIRANDA HART IN IT! MIRANDA HART!

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