Old habits, new beginnings.

Man it's dusty around here! Haven't been on this blog in a long, long while and it feels like coming back to your summer vacation home after a very long and grey winter. So I guess it's time for a spring clean-up, huh?!

These past few weeks I have buried in work, which was mostly nice (the hockey boys made it to second division, which is probably the coolest thing to happen ever and I had to drink so much beer to celebrate this, it is a miracle I haven't just turned into a massive beer mug!) but also very exhausting. So exhausting in fact, that it left me very messed up and slightly crumpled on the floor.

A massive cold knocked me out and now I'm trying to adjust to a life without ice hockey (who thought THAT sentence would ever leave my mouth?!) and trying to find time for new and old friends that make my life so very lovely. There are also some decisions that need to be made, enemies to be faced and consequences to be drawn (Sounds very damatic, doesn't it?! Don't worry, almost everything is peachy!).

Next week I'll be going to a festival in Brighton with a shitload of friends and funny people and I am looking forward to it like crazy. Until then, let me leave you with a bit of music. Here's the perfect song to drive to. Preferably when it's sunny and warm and you can have the windows open and you hair blasting in the wind...

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