Brighton Baby!

Two weeks ago, I went to Brighton for the Great Escape Festival with a handful of awesome people. Let's have a peak at what happened there...

On Tuesday I packed my flowery suitcase and my rucksack and sped off to Cologne to pick up my friend Lisa.

After rising superearly on Wednesday, we took the train to London and then a train to Brighton. And after a long day travelling, we finally arrived in Brighton. Lovely Dotty had invited us to stay at her place, and this was our spectacular view from our window. <3 

The first thing we did was to go down to the beach and drink a cold beer whilst admiring the view. Here's us and also the view.

The next day, we took to a cozy little coffee shop for breakfast.

Then, we met up the others and collected our wristbands. Here's the awesome gang we got to hang out with for the next few days...

After that (to be completely honest) I can't really remember on which day we did what, but let's just say: It was a glorious mix of concerts, gin and tonics, a little bit of sightseeing and disgustingly cold English weather...

We also got our nails done (you know, typical festival stuff...), walked around Brighton and ate ridiculous amounts of breakfast food.

Lovely, lovely Brighton. I'll come back another time. Probably when it's waaaay warmer!

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