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February. What a miserable pisshole of a month. It's a good thing it's the year's shortest month, and it's a good thing alcohol is always an option.

But - oh shock and suprise - I just flicked through my own Instagram feed and it looks like this last month wasn' actually all bad. I've had some fun times, too. Let's take a peak.

Just like February is my least favourite month, Tuesday is my least favourite day. So a Tuesday in February is the perfect time to have a glass of crazy overpriced champagne with your friend.

I also bought the most glittery, sparkly golden shoes in the entire world. And I love them.

As past of my job, I went to a bowling alley with our local hockey team. Who are all much, much better at bowling than I am...

I ate the best burger you can find in this town. The sweet potato fries that come along with it are stupid, but the burger, oh the burger....

And I had the girls over for a fun evening of boozing, overeating and gossiping.

The sun came back and we decided to have our daily morning meeting at work on the rooftop terrace. (It was still crazy cold and everyone froze to pieces, but still...)

I bought myself an outfit that shows off my newly acquired abs. Here's to something I sure as hell never thought would happen...

My friends came to town for a Saturday afternoon and we all hung out and had fun.

I went to the shooting of a commercial with the hockey guys, which kinda makes up for all the times I had to get up at 5 in the fucking morning to go to work...

I also had the best curry of my life, when I went to that new curry place in town, together with my mum...

And I ended the month with a raging hangover, loads of shame and a wonderful breakfast with an old friend. (By the way: These are sunglasses I plan on wearing this summer. Awesomepants doesn't even cut it here!)

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