Middlefinger Thursday

Looong silence on the blog the past few weeks. I do apologize for that. January and February are usually the most sucky months of the year and this year I have the added bonus of a shitload of work to do at my job. So I haven't been in a very bloggy mood the last time.

But - here are some fun things from the internet to brighten up your Thursday (which used to be one of my favourite days of the week, but now I'm just like: Why isn't it Friday afternoon yet?!)

1. This young Ukranian ballet dancer dances his heart out to Hoziers "Take me to church". David LaChapelle directed the whole thing, which only goes to show: The man got skills! (other than taking weird, oversexualized pictures of famous pop icons...)

2. Here is a small girl who's best buddy is a tiny pig. Prepare to say "Aaaawwwww", everybody!

3. My imaginary boyfriend Andy Samberg sings about a very lovely day he is having. Story of my life. (Minus the drugs!)

4. If you are looking for a fun destination for a trip, go and check these out. I want to pack my fucking bags like RIGHT NOW!

5. Tiny hamsters go on a tiny date! No more words necessary!

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