Why 2015 sucks sweaty balls so far.

Last Friday a large portion of my favourite co-workers lost their jobs. The local tv station that was part of our company is now history, the people who have worked there for the past years (and in some cases: decades!) are now out of work.

There are no words to describe what happened on Friday, no words to describe the shock and the incomprehension. The weekend was filled with a haze of hours spent sitting together, drinking and chain-smoking and somehow trying to make sense of it all.

I have no idea how my working life will be,without these people within a few metres radius from my desk. My guess is: Not great. Yet I am deeply grateful that I got to know them, got to work with them and have them around for almost every day for the past year. Without them, the office already feels eerily empty.

These people were not so much co-workers as a weird kind of family to each other, fights and disagreeings about daily bullshit included. And even though I've only known them for a year and mostly got to watch from the sidelines, they have always welcomed me with open arms, invited me for beer and let me in on dirty inside jokes. You guys were a massive part of what made my job awesome!

I still don't quite believe that this is over.

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