We'll cut them a smile each.

New year, new tv show obsession. My newest addiction when it comes to watching shows is a stylish little gem called "Peaky Blinders" and it's produced and broadcast (surprise, surprise!) by the BBC.

"Peaky Blinders" takes place in Birmingham in 1919 (at the start of the series). It follows a group of men called the Peaky Blinders who get their name from their hats which have razor blades sewn into the visors.

They are a kind of mafia organization, operating in the worst parts of Birmingham. On their very front, their leader: Thomas Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy), a heavily traumatized veteran of WW1 who has a broken heart and can't get to sleep without his opium pipe.

(Another word about Cillian Murphy: Going into this show I scoffed at my friend who told me that this was the prettiest man in the whole wide world. After watching the first season in three short days I can now wholeheartedly agree with her. This man and his cheekbones of ivory make this show! Smoldering gazes, long silences and large tumblers of whiskey that are chucked in one go, plus the clothes which look at least as good as Sherlock's black coat and wavy locks. And the cheekbones, oh god the cheekbones... If you like handsome men and have some sort of libido, you will be like me and have to drink an extralarge Gin & Tonic during the most aesthetic sex scene of all times. I mean, look at the man! Good god!)

At the very beginning of the show, Tommy gets his hands on a buttload of stolen weapons and this causes a new, mean police chief with direct orders from Winston Churchill to come to Birmingham.

Also new in town is a lovely Irish barmaid with a secret past. And of course she is pretty and Tommy thinks so too. Intrigued yet?!

The whole thing is impeccably stylish and dark and exciting and intriguing and basically just awesome as fuck. The soundtrack is largely Tom Waits, The White Stripes and Arctic Monkeys, which mixes surprisingly well with the 1920s setting.

So if you're like me and suffer from serious Sherlock withdrawal - the BBC has at least provided us with something brilliant to shorten the wait! As always: Go binge watch it now and thank me later...

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