Should old acquaintance be forgot.

Already 4 days into this new year, here are the lousy 4 pictures I actually took on New Year's Eve. Which - I guess - is a good sign, since I was way too busy having fun and so completely forgot to take any more.

The night started out with my lovely friend Nic hanging out at my place and helping me through all of this food and two bottles of champagne. Topics of conversation were plans to get filthy rich and take over the world with being awesome. So, basically the usual...

When we were already full and warm and cozy, we pushed ourselves out the door and went to a club, which was very fun. Look at the fantastic girls I got to spend NYE with! <3

After a bit of dancing, we ended up in an Irish Pub with a final glass of whiskey, some Tayto crisps and cute Irish boys to look at. Not bad.

But the real kicker came the next morning. Starting 2015 on the right foot. I think a hashtag is in order: #yummy

Here's what I did last year on NYE. 

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