5 things to brighten up bleak January


God I hate January. It's too dark, too cold, too bleak and all I want to do is to crawl up under a blanket and not see or hear the horrible stuff that is going on in the world and around me. Since I can't, I try to give myself a few tiny breaks during the day and look at happier things. Here are five of them.

1. A fairly short horror opera about Shia LaBoeuf. There is actually no proper way to describe this (because it is INSANE!), but it is oddly brilliant!

2. This is Pixel. Pixel is a French bulldog and has found his evil counterpart in his owner's cat. This video contains every reason I love dogs and despise cats. I mean, this cat is clearly an asshole!

3. How Rock'n'Roll Legends would look if they were still alive today. John Lennon is most shocking I think...

4. The trailer to "Mortdecai". It's funny, silly, it has Olivia Munn and Johnny Depp in it - I will most definitely watch it!

5. Aaand last but not least: Some designer is trying to make penises happen. Of course this is happening... I mean, we already had this...

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