All I want for Christmas are cheeseburgers that don't make you fat and world peace.

I don't know whether it has anything to do with getting older or the fact that I have an Amazon wishlist, but my Christmas presents get better every year. This year was exceptionally awesome, since I got a lot of things I wished for and also some brilliant items I didn't. Let's have a peek.

Two of the books that I got. "A mercy" by Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison and a book about anarchy and feminism that my sister gave me. Made me giggle uncontrollably under the Christmas tree for a few minutes. 

All four seasons of the IT crowd on dvd and also the first season of Twin Peaks, which I haven't yet seen. Finally I can close this gap in my knowledge of pop culture...

New headphones, since my old ones are dying after 3 years of constant use...

My aunt gave me skincare stuff from L'Occitane, which I'd never buy myself, since they are shitty expensive.

And finally a pretty binder from my friend Nicole, so I don't forget to write a lot. <3

Also, the blanket in the background was an awesome present by my lovely mum. All in all: Extremely good turn out of presents this Christmas!

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