2014 - The Music

It's December, which is traditionally a month for looking back on the year behind us. Which is precisely what we're doing now. Today's topic: music.

This year I listened to 9.950 minutes of music. Which is about 7 days. Seems a bit little to me, but Spotify doesn't count the records I listened to on my stereo (like the truly ancient person I am...).

My favourite artists after season. Lots of Portugal the Man and girl power (although I actually don't like Haim and can't remember listening to them at all...). But Spice Girls! Fuck yes!

Apparently this was my favourite song this year. Seems about right, I listened to it most of my summer. But it's good to see that none of my embarassing favourites have made my Top 10 list....

But, not to disappoint anyone - here are my Top 3 embarassing songs this year...

3 Beyoncé - Partition

(Sorry, this is a remix, but I wanted to put the official video on here. Holy fucksticks that woman is gorgeous!)

Sexiest song of the decade - hands down! Queen Bey, you did it again...

2 Pitbull feat. Kesha - Timber

Actually it's from last year, but I listened to it so much this spring, I'm pretty sure my neighbours wanted to murder me. Sorry guys...

1 Taylor Swift - Shake it off

God, I hate Taylor Swift. Seriously, all I want to do is repeatedly punch her in her stupid ferret face. But this song is so unbelievably catchy, I can't stop listening to it. Needless to say, I know the lyrics by heart. Even the rapping part. Oh yes, I'm serious!

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