2014. A list.

I traditionally end every year with a list. Of everything good and bad, funny and sad, brilliant and miserable. Here's last year's list, and here is the one for this past year. 

travelled: way too little. Only Denmark and a few day trips to France.
ate: Pasta five times a week
drank: lots of beer. 
listened to: Portugal the Man and Beyoncé. And also Taylor Swift in my darkest hours...
read: a lot, which I liked. Also started reading newspapers again, which is awesome.
watched: The Newsroom (awesome, awesomer, the awesomest!), endless reruns of Modern Family, Sherlock and as always: Friends

walked: anywhere I could.
drove: to work every day in my shitty little car. 
ran: up a hill and screamed at trees. I think I should patent that as a legit form of therapy for broken hearts.
sang: to any Adele song I could get my hands on.
made: a shitload of bad decisions and a few good ones.
cried: way too much. 
laughed: I think even more. So that's good.
met: unbelievably awesome people I now get to work with on a daily basis, one or two people who turned out to be lessons I had to learn, a few people that made everything really sucky and even more people that made everything so much better. 

lay down: at any chance I got. I think it's this "getting older" thing everyone keeps talking about. And getting up at 5am on a regular basis doesn't exactly help...
danced: on my best friends' wedding until the sweat ran and I stepped into some broken glass and bled all over the dancefloor. 
stood: at many ice hockey games and screamed my head off.
lost: my slacker attitude (well, for the most part...), a little weight, and for a period of time the belief that everything is going to be fine.
gained: many new friends, some wisdom (I hope) and the belief that everything is going to be fine.
best moment: standing next to two of my very favourite people and watching them get married. Cried like a little bitch.
worst moment: more than one actually. But you know it's really shitty when not even red wine will help. 
funniest moment: sitting next to my little sister in a barn in Denmark and watching some hippie band playing a song on spoons and a banjo and trying desperately not to laugh. Pretty sure I cracked a rib from suppressed laughter.

best concert: The Rifles. Especially since I got my favourite Rifles song dedicated to me. "This is for the lovely lady in the front with the cameras". Aaaah, swoon. Major groupie life goal achieved.
created: oh so many party banners to sell on Etsy, endless jokes for the hosts of our morning show and a new drink that combines vodka, ginger ale and cinnamon.
destroyed: some friendships, some illusions, a full set of wine glasses and one dress that I had to cut myself out of because the fucking zip was stuck.
done for the first time: signed a work contract, interviewed pro football and ice hockey players, spoke on live radio, was on television, lived through my teenage nightmare of bleeding through a white dress while being on my period.
done for the (hopefully) last time: tried to push people into saying and doing stuff that they clearly did not want, also some bad cases of girl-on-girl-sabotage which is something I will definitely never do again.

something new: my job, my Mulberry Alexa bag, my new sparrow tattoo, my ability to chuck a full glass of red wine
something old: still clueless. But a little less so, so that's a start I guess...
what I was thankful for in 2014: everything I have. Literally. My glass is not only half full, if I'm being honest.
what I want for 2015: being healthy (!) and happy and having the same for all the people I love. And much more snogging, please.

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