2014 - The food.

2014 - The year I got a job and discovered that working 40 hours a week makes me lose interest in cooking proper meals. So this was obviously the year of deep fry pizzas, pasta with pesto and countless kebabs.

But apparently, I also had some proper gourmet moments. Since my Instagram account is basically just pictures of food, I thought we might have a look.

The year started out great with a visit from these two Swedish lovelies and Schnitzel, SpƤtzle and enormous slices of cake.

My best girl and I also tried making Bloomin' Onions for the first time. Deeelicious!

We had tarts and quiches in every shape and size...

My friend and colleague Juli showed me her glorious Pasta recipe and made me realise that I had hated zucchini for 27 years without any reason...

I thanked her by inviting her to Taco night.

We also used any excuse to throw barbecues at my mum's place.

And one time I got really ambitious and made ravioli with ricotta, spinach and walnuts.

I had the best burger this town has to offer.

And also had some seriously sad desk lunches. I mean, look at this horrid salad!

At least once this year I had champagne and macarons, which is the best possible thing to put into your mouth.

And only this weekend I had a Maultaschen burger in a pretzel bun. Non-germans might not get this, but let me assure you - it was divine!

And that was 2014. It's a sheer miracle I'm not weighing 200 pounds by now...

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