Time traveling via selfie.

I always thought I hated the idea of time travel, but it turns out: I actually quite like it. Well, only the real kind that is...

November 2008

I had a pixie haircut (which I loathed) and went to see The Streets in Z├╝rich. Together with my brilliant roommate and two other wonderful girls.

November 2009

I thought bows in my hair were a good idea. I also dressed like a little girl from the  prairie and took artsy selfies of myself in the bathroom mirror. Oh, the innocence of youth...

November 2010

More "artsy" facebook profile pictures. Oh well, at least I never participated in any kind of "girls gone wild"-bullshit I have to be embarassed about by now...

November 2011

Made Christmas cookies in my 50s-housewife-apron and generally dressed like I had just jumped out of an episode of Mad Men. Which I watched obsessively back then.

November 2012

I just came back from New York City, where a street style photographer dude from Brooklyn had asked me if he could take my picture while I was wearing this outfit. Naturally I wore nothing else for the next 4 months... (Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Leggings: American Apparel, Necklace: Marc Jacobs, Bag: Cambridge Satchel, Shoes: Urban Outfitters)

November 2013

Oh so many animal prints. And blissfully long hair.

November 2014

Found a piece of jewelry that fits my general mood. And I bet it would also come in handy in a pub brawl...

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