Perhaps unsurprisingly comes this statement: I love podcasts! Because they are my audiobook substitutes, when I'm too broke to buy new audiobooks. Because they make me want to take really long walks or clean my kitchen thoroughly, just so I can listen to them in peace. Because I acquired most of my Swedish skills by listening to podcasts. And because you can learn something new about the world when you're simply going out to buy toilet paper. I mean, how awesome is that?!

Here are some of my absolute favourites, so if you have a bit of free time this weekend, you now have something awesome to listen to. Your're welcome.

Sandra och Michelle
Language: Swedish

Sandra is a blogger and novelist and Michelle is her best friend and funny as fuck! They both actually are. And smart, and witty and really sweet with each other. They talk about everything and anything from New York to conspiracy theories and menstruation (actually: If you're only listening to one episode, pick the one about mensies! It's brilliant and funny and insightful and - well, just listen to it!!!). These two girls have saved my day many times!

Woman's hour on BBC
Language: English

Brilliant daily program from the BBC. It's about an hour long, they always have multiple topics and several guests. Sometimes it's really exciting and fascinating, sometimes it's a bit boring but it's still better than most other stuff out there!

P1 dokumentär
Language: Swedish

Bascially everything I know about anything in Sweden, I got from listening to these documentaries by the Swedish radio. They make amazing documentaries on crime stories, historical happenings and interesting people. Unbelievably good!

The Bugle
Language: English

My imaginary husband John Oliver runs this podcast together with his friend Andy Zaltzman. They're very funny, very British and very clever. Aaaah, swoon...

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