Life through my phone

I am a lazy bugger. We know this. So it's probably not really a surprise that my camera has been in the depths of my hand bag for the past two months and all I have done is taking pictures on my phone and putting them on Instagram like the wannabe-hipster I am.

But when I was rifling through them earlier, I discovered I actually did a lot of cool stuff these past few weeks. Let's have a peak.

I went to a wedding where they had one of these new polaroid cameras, that prints out tiny polaroid pictures. We were only supposed to take one each, but after a few drinks, we nicked the camera and took about 20. 

My little sister came for a visit and we went for a long walk whilst trying to be pretty, demure and stylish ladies. Didn't go that well.

Also got a visit from these beautiful people, who I hadn't seen in about a million years. 72 hours of pretty heavy boozing and actual muscle cramps from laughing too much. 

My birthday came around and my wonderful and lovely colleague did this when I came into the office at 5 am on my birthday... (Which made everything a little bit better!)

The evening came around with a lot of heavy drinking, a lot of lovely people in my sitting room and a lot of singing to the Spice Girls. Here's me pouring some drinks to go. 

I also got the funniest book of 2014 as a present and read it in the two-day-hangover-aftermatch of my boozy birthday. Whilst eating a lot of chocolate and junk food. And drinking coconut water. Man alive, drinking really isn't as fun any more...

And now it's back to work. Which really isn't that bad, when you get to work with these two lovelies and sit in front of a camera and talk bullshit about your smoking habits. (More on that soon...)

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