Christmas Presents: The official Andnoplanb list

Christmas time is upon us. And - very untypically for me - I haven't bought any Christmas presents so far. But I have a ton of ideas, so that's a start I guess. And if ol' Gwyneth Paltrow can make a ridiculous list of stuff you should buy, so can I. That's right, Gwynnie! It's on!

To me, making or buying presents for people I like is a sport. And I am fucking good at it, let me tell you! This may sound braggy, but I am not good at a lot of things. I am lousy at sports, I'm a mediocre boozing buddy at best, but giving presents - that's where I fucking shine!

Obviously I can't tell you what I'm getting my loved ones for Christmas, but in the process of finding presents for them, I found a lot of stuff I can't really give anyone but liked anyways. So, here's my (completely unsponsored) guide to awesome Christmas presents:

Ryan Gosling Candle

Oh yes, this actually exists! Because the internet is a beautiful, beautiful place!


Want to give away some books? Here's a quick guide as what to give away as presents:

To your dad: Truman Capote - In cold blood
To your mum: R.J. Palacio - Wonder
To your funny friend: Amy Poehler - Yes please
To any woman in general: Caitlin Moran - How to be a woman (seriously, I bought like 4 copies again this year and plan to give them to any woman I know, who hasn't already gotten one from me...)

Here's also some other books I'd recommend warmly...

Benedict Cumberbatch Shirt

More nerdy shit, this time for all the Cumberbatch enthusiasts. Actually, go browse on this site, because they have the most awesome nerdshirts you will ever lay eyes on.

DIY Lip Balm

In case you are super-broke, you can make some giveaways yourself. Like this lip balm. It's really easy to make and it smells incredibly good.

Custom Wine Labels


Perfect if you're invited to someone for wine and you don't really know if you should bring them something or not and you don't really know them that well and OHMYGODWHATARETHERULESHERE?! I linked to a page where you can buy wine labels, but let's be honest - if you're a little handy with Photoshop, you can do it better yourselves. Or you print a collage of pictures and put them on there. Just print out, stick to a regular bottle you bought - et voilĂ !

Party Banners

Yes, I am shamelessly advertising my own stuff here. Deal with it! Mama needs some cash to buy Christmas presents, so I need you people to order party banners from my Etsy shop. I have new ones in stock, and now you can also get yourself a customised party banner after your own desires. So go nuts, people!

(as always, click pictures for source)

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