Alexa and me.

Disclaimer: This is a blog post about a designer handbag. 

Yes, I know, BARF! Let me make it very clear, that even though I am into fashion, I don't necessarily like designer clothing. I would never spend a thousand dollars on a dress. I would never buy an item of clothing because there is a logo printed on it. I don't get the appeal of sitting front row in a fashion show and afterwards have a diet coke with Karl Lagerfeld and listen to the misogynist bullshit that comes out of his mouth on an hourly basis. 

But there is one designer item I have wanted to own since the minute it hit the shelves: An oversized Mulberry Alexa bag. It's my white whale, my unicorn, my fashion Everest. It is also ridiculously expensive and completely unaffordable and my mother would probably have me admitted to a mental hospital if I ever bought a handbag for over a thousand Pounds. 

But thanks to a crazy online Sale (and maybe also some cosmic powers..) I now own the prettiest handbag in the world. It also smells really good. And it holds all of the stuff I schlepp around all day.

Here's everything in my handbag. (Just in case one of you wants to rob me at some point, you'll already know what you'll get...) Sunglasses, headphones, gloves, my make-up bag, my phone and my camera, my wallet, hand cream, cigarettes, pepper spray, tampons and lip balm. Usually there's also some used kleenex, at least one book and a bottle of water in there. It's so spacious - it's insane! 

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