5 things: The autumn flu edition

I have a raging cold. And I'm home sick for the entire week. Which menas that I am basically going up the wall because it. is. so. boring.

The only thing that really stops me from going completely bananas is the internet. And so I took it upon myself to pick out 5 things from the internet, that cheered me up during this very dark time...

1. I'm probably most thankful for Youtube. Seriously, what did people do before Youtube? Especially when they were so ill that they were sneezing over everything and had to gurgle with sage tea every 5 minutes?! Anyways, here's Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg making me wish that I was married to either one of them.

2. It may be embarrassing, but secretly I really love musical collaborations with a buttload of famous people all singing one song. That's why I freaked out over this brilliant clip by the BBC and that's why I know all the lyrics to "We are the world". AND THAT'S ALSO WHY THIS NEWS MAKES ME SO FUCKING HAPPY!

3. Since I like communicating with GIFs, this is perfect: 34 David Bowie GIFs for any occasion. Booya!


4. He can do a lot. He can do almost everything. He definitely can't pronounce "penguins".

5. Have you ever watched a Youtube clip and thought "Alright, so these people are surely dead by now, because they had a drug overdose or strangled someone in the psychiatric ward!"?! Well, this is what happens in this video. Also, fair warning: Do not watch if you're on medication or have just swallowed cough syrup. You will get nightmares.

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