Put a bird on it.

Long radio silence here, sorry 'bout that. But, on the bright side, I've not just been sitting idly around drinking wine, I've done some pretty epic shit during the past few weeks. One example of my epic-shittery: I have gotten a new tattoo. And my lovely friend Caro snapped a picture of me during the process. (Which is the first picture I actually like myself in, so I'll share it whenever possible...)

I had an old tattoo on my wrist. Got that one when I was 20 years old, heartbroken and thought Oasis were the best band in the world (Which they were. At least for a while...) but now it had to go. Here's a last look at it. Bye bye..

Here's the draft on my arm. The tattoo guy is a genius by the way, if you're ever in Hamburg or he's doing a guest spot somewhere, you should go see him for any tattooing needs you might have...

Half-done (Hurt like a little bitch, by the way. I had a massive bruise underneath the tattoo for at least 4 days afterwards.)

And here's the finished result all wrapped up.

And finally: 10 days later. He's a sparrow and his name is Eddie. My mum's first comment? "Well. Not exactly tiny, is it?"

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