How I got emotionally invested in the lives of complete strangers.

Having your work day start at 6 in the fucking morning has many perks. ... Naaah, I'm totally messing with you - it sucks balls. Big time! And my body keeps reacting badly to it, even when I've finally convinced myself that it isn't actually all bad. My brain simply won't be rushed before 10am. And so I have large chunks of time during the early production shift, where I am simply staring into space. Or concentrating hard to not start drooling on the keyboard.

There are however a few things you can do to pass the time. And one of my favourite lifesavers is a lovely little site called Buzzfeed. Now - I'm not gonna explain to you what Buzzfeed is, I know that you know what Buzzfeed is (even though one of our interns didn't. She had never heard of it before. I seriously did not know what to do with this information.).

What I will explain to you, is why I am currently emotionally invested in the fate of two people who work at Buzzfeed. You see, I've started to watch Buzzfeed video clips. And I soon had two favourites among the many faces of the Buzzfeed staff. Ashley and Andrew. Some of you might know Andrew as "The Creepy Office Guy".

And Ashley as the genius behind many lovely clips like the "Channel your inner Beyoncé" one.

But my favourite, favourite thing is the two of them together. As the official Buzzfeed Office Crush Couple.

Well, their epic love saga has apparently had a few bumps in the road. And my new favourite "How to write Taylor Swift Song" suggests, that their office romance might be over. Which made me so sad, I actually had a dream about it last night (no kidding! I might need professional help...). Also: this tune is so unbelievably addictive - I've listened to it more often than any actual Taylor Swift song.

But I am still rooting for those two. Because it would make the internet a lovelier place. And also because I currently don't have enough tv shows to binge watch and I need my dose of fictional romance every week. So: Go Ashdrew! #teamashdrew

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