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A thousand years after everyone else I finally got around to watching "The Newsroom". What can I say - if you are prepared to shout at me for long enough, you'll eventually wear me down. And since I liked Sorkins "Studio 60", I was already intrigued.



So, on Tuesday night last week I sat down to watch the Newsroom, got completely hooked immediately and watched the stuff for 5 hours straight. It took me four days to watch all two seasons and now I can't wait for the third and final season to come out this November.

To sum it up in three words: IT'S. FUCKING. EPIC. It's witty, sarcastic, very funny, incredibly smart, nailbitingly exciting and also stylish as hell. It's journalism-porn - which suits me, because I am seriously psyched about working in journalism. Well, now I actually want to work in the Newsroom of the show and nowhere else, but nevermind...

The show centers around the news crew of a fictional tv channel and deals with real events that took place in the US around 2010 (at the start of the series). It has everything you need: great, logical characters, of course some love triangles (it can't just be about politics, after all...) and witty dialogue at bullet speed. The actors are all superb, the soundtrack made me cry three episodes in, and I honestly can not find a single weakness this show might have. It's just awesome. Period.

What's also interesting (and a bit creepy at that...) is that the show has a plotline involving the NSA and mass surveillance, which aired a good year before Edward Snowden even hit the spotlights. Either Sorkin is part of the spying network himself, or he simply has an incredible knack for topics that might become important in world politics. 

Either way: You should definitely watch this, even if you give a flying fuck about journalism. Simply because it's entertaining as hell and great fun to watch.

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