Silence is boring, words are gold.

Aaaah Pinterest, the black hole of time. You have 10 minutes to spare and think it would be fun? Well honey, suddenly it's 3 hours later and you're still on it. Horrible, horrible website.

One of my favourite things on Pinterest is to collect quotes (No, I don't own a doormat with "Keep calm and carry on" on it, and hopefully I never will!). Well, good quotes at least. Not too cheesy, not too obviously new-age-y and just smart enough to make you ponder on them for a while. Want a taste? Here you go.

Aaah, so much wisdom. All the pictures are taken from here, which is my Pinterest board solely for wise epitaphs and quotes. Because that's how artsy-fartsy I really am. Yeah, so go be impressed for a a while!

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