I was scared of dentists and the dark, I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations,

MUSIC UPDATE! Whoohoo, so much music to show you. Man alive, after months of not finding anything new I love to listen to, here are finally, finally some new tunes to spice up your summer afternoons...

George Ezra - Budapest

Imagine my suprise, when I found out that George Ezra was not a bearded, 30-year-old hipster from Brooklyn but apparently a 12-year-old from good ol' Britannia. Either way, I love this song.

Marteria - Welt der Wunder

I was at one of his shows last weekend and am still pretty much completely fucked up (in a good way). I've rarely ever sweated so much during a concert. Seriously, it was disgusting. Awesomely disgusting! (Oh, yeah, and he's not exactly hard on the eyes either...)

Vance Joy - Riptide

Currently the best song my radio station (well, the radio station where I work as a trainee..) plays. Also: Men of this world - you can never go wrong with playing the ukulele. There isn't a woman in the world who doesn't immediately take off her pants when you start to play! Seriously!

Alabama Shakes - I found you

Play that song for me while I'm doing the dishes and you will find I easily and immediately transform into a very weird version of Janis Joplin (and that's saying something!).

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