The ultimate #TGIF post.


Man alive, another week passed by without having blogged a single fucking time. Having a week with the early shift at work really sucks the energy right out of me...

BUT, alas, the internet is there to cheer us all up. So many cute kitten Youtube clips, so many Sherlock Memes. So much to shorten the hours until it's finally the weekend!

For one thing, you can just piss around on Buzzfeed and also learn something in the process. (Insert "Mind blown" GIF here)

You may also read an interview with my spirit animal and personal hero Caitlin Moran.

You can watch this incredibly cute Porcupine eat some pumpkins.

(Seriously, did you know that anything could make these sounds? I mean...really?!)

Some journo-humour: Reporters having bad days in front of cameras. Man alive, my job suddenly seems so chill...

Alright peeps, have a lovely weekend and next week I'll hopefully have the time to blog on a daily basis. Or at least I'll try...

Now let Mr. Idris Elba sing you into the weekend!

(click picture for source)

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