Let's call this the comeback

Oh my, two weeks since the last blog post. This blogging funk is getting out of control. And I don't even have a good excuse, apart from: I honestly have no idea where the last two or three weeks went. I remember sitting around in the office, I remember watching the Gilmore Girls and that's basically it. So clearly, I am really living la vida loca here...

Anyhoo, I thought that since I love lists, a nice good list would be a good comeback. I (am a bit weird, so just go with it folks!) love to play the "If you could bring one {insert item of choice here} to a lonely island, what would it be?"-game a lot. So I thought maybe that could be the fun little list, that gets us all back on the blogging track. Yes?

If you could bring one ... to a lonely island, what would it be?

book: Depending on how long I'd have to stay on the bloody piece of land, I'd say something by Dickens. Maybe Bleak House, because that one is reeeally long and you need to be enormously bored to read it. When you actually get down to it, it's a brilliant book. Only the getting to that point is a bit annoying...

record: The Beatles - Revolver. Mostly because Good Day Sunshine is on it, and if any song can cheer you up after being stranded on a deserted island, it's probably that one.

person: Is it wrong to assume that Ryan Gosling knows how to build a raft? I mean, I'm sure he'd at least come in handy when it's time to fish for food or to build camp fires or ... other stuff.

item of clothing: Hey, if Ryan's there I'm going nude all day long!

bottle of liquor: If it's an island in the Carribean, rum would be fitting. Only that I hate rum, so I'm going with a very, very large bottle of very, very dry red wine.

personal item: Well, I was taught to always bring a large towel, so that's what I'd probably pick.

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