In defense of Instagramming your food

There are a lot of things I am not exactly proud of (Little example: I stole a Kermit the frog puppet when I was in kindergarten, simply because the girl who owned it, was not letting me play with it. It probably still lies in its shallow grave behind the kindergartens garbage bins...Sorry Tanja. My bad.). Some things I am even ashamed of. But one thing that is definitely not on that list, is taking pictures of your food and then instagramming the shit out of them.

I love Instagram, even though the amount of pictures with the hipster-retro-filter-thing going on, has definitely reached a point where it's no longer fun but starts to piss everyone off. Especially since Lana del Rey decided to make every single one of her music videos look like it was made by putting Instagram filters on shots of her with her eyes half closed (yes, my Lana hatred is profound and still going strong!).

But back to the point: taking pictures of your food has become something that is universally mocked. There are tumblrs about it, there is a lot of hoo-ha about dinner table etiquette and I personally have my excuses already locked and loaded when I take out my phone and snap a picture of the awesome burger that the waitress has just put in front of me.

But to be honest, I'm honestly past the point of caring when it comes to Food-Instagram-Mockery. Why? Because you want to see pictures of my food, whether you like to admit it or not. Case and point: Jamie Oliver has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, and all that guy does, is snap pictures of his food! He does literally nothing else! And aren't cookbooks and food blogs just the same thing? I mean, you could get seriously inspired by my fantastic snapshots of carbohydrates in every possible shape and form! (Honestly, my own Instagram account could as well be called "An ode to the carbohydrate".)

So I'll be gramming all the edibles forever and always. Mostly because it's fun. But also because your envy at the massive burger I am just about to devour makes it all the more delicious to me...

More pictures of food - shortly before it passed through my gastric system, are to be found here.

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