Why I am such a lousy blogger right now.

I get up at 5 am. I get home from work at 2 pm. Then I try to stay awake until 9 pm and not kill anyone in the process. My colleagues who have all assured me, that I will get used to this in no time are basically all evil liars.

This is why I haven't blogged all last week. I have been trying to stay awake. Which was too demanding to think of anything else. I am so sorry for that. So, let me make it up to you, with a picture of Ryan Gosling stripping down.

And for my one or two male readers: Natalie Portman being a stripper.

And if you're still a little miffed, here is a song mashup by the brilliant Pomplamoose. To brighten up your Monday a bit. See you tomorrow! (Yes, we'll have daily blog posts from now on again!)

(I do not own these pictures. Click pictures for source.)

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