The Freebie List

There is an episode of Friends (yeah, nerd alert...) in which Chandler describes the nature of the "freebie list" - a list of celebrities you could sleep with, without your partner getting pissed off.

Despite not having a boyfriend, I like to play the freebie list game with my friends a lot. Mostly because everyone has at least one celebrity on it, that makes everyone else go "WHAAAT?! Eeeeew!!!" or (in some cases) even "Erm. Yes. I don't know how to respond to this." Want an example? Here we go:

One of my friends once named Hugh Hefner. When we all calmly asked (read: yelled) why, she said "Well, he looks kind of noble and I am guessing that he at least knows where to stick it!". Another friend of mine put Vladimir Putin on hers. Well, we're more like acquaintances now...

My own list changes quite regularly, but I will say (to everyone's great surprise, I'm sure) that a certain Ryan Gosling is a fixture on it. Other (mostly former) stars on that list include Barack Obama (sexy voice, looks a bit like he's wearing eyeliner), Keith Richards (legend) and Matthew Perry (funny funny extrafunny). For one very misguided week I even had Marilyn Manson on it (I was young, he was painting stuff with absinth, I was all confused.) but that luckily came to an early end, when I found out that he has a split tongue. Right now, I can't really narrow it down to just five, the closest I get is seven.

So, the point of all of this: I want to know your celebrities! Who's on your list? Who would you doink if you could?! Spill your beans (anonymously if you must) in the comments section.

Need inspiration? Male or female? I collected some pictures for you on my Pinterest board. Here's a best of:

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