It's easy-cheesy rom-com time!

Getting up at 5 in the morning has a lot of upsides, I am sure. Unfortunately I haven't yet discovered any of them. I am really sorry, that I haven't been blogging more regularly this week, but I have been feeling heavily jetlagged for the past 4 days.

And when you're this tired, you can't really watch serious films that require you thinking a lot. So, in honour of this spectacularly obismal working schedule of mine: Here are some cheesy rom-coms (and most of them are my favourite kind: not only cheesy, but also overly quirky and a bit funny), that you should all watch. I will watch them at least. Possibly with ice cream and in my pyjamas (because sometimes I thoroughly enjoy being a walking cliché...).

What If

Aaaah, Daniel Radcliffe, you tiny, hairy, British man. You will be the reason I will watch this film at least once (and possibly a few times after that...). Also: Adam Driver (whom I find disgusting, but I regularly get kicked in the shins by my female friends for saying that.).

This is where I leave you

Not exactly a rom-com per se, but it also starrs Adam Driver and (drumroll, please!) Tina Fey (WHOOOOOHOOO!!!) who apparently also wrote and co-produced the film. And the trailer alone made me giggle a few times, so this one is definitely on top of the must-see-list.


I'm still not completely sure whether I actually love or despise Russell Brand. There doesn't really seem to be anything in between these two emotions for me when it comes to this bearded cockney weirdo. But the storyline itself seems to be supercheesy coming-of-age stuff (complete with a middle-aged black woman as a spiritual guide and pseudo-wild adventures!). Awesomeness!

The Decoy Bride

Let's be honest: The title is already sheer awesomeness (one might think it's maybe meant ironically, but it's really not!). And the cast is reason alone to watch this film. It's the sexy Doctor, a.k.a. David Tennant and my personal Irish dream husband Dylan Moran. The quirky lovestory is just an added bonus.

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