Don't wanna work work, I wanna make money while I sleep.

Happy Monday folks! I hope you had a lovely weekend. To start this week off right, here are a few things from the internet. Unfortunately, the card above is not one of them. Couldn't find out where to get one of these. They would make great birthday cards for random people you don't even know that well...

1. I have to admit I am kind of a sucker for statistics. You know, the fun kind. Like on this page: With the help of stats and fun graphs you can find out, just how old you are. Prepare to feel ancient.

2. Jamie Foxx - panty dropper. Maybe I should re-watch Django Unchained some time soon...

3. I am massively addicted to this. Massively!

4. This is actually really cool: A 19-year old student found a way to clean the world's oceans in under 5 years time and making a profit of it. Which - if this really works - would be briliant! Read all about it here.

5. And now, for some music. I am fairly certain, that this is not what any of my friends would deem "cool" music, but if I'm totally honest with you - it is the song I currently dance to every morning when preparing my cereal (It's what I call "cereal dancing" and we're hoping it becomes an Olympic sport any day now...). Also, it's the perfect song for any Monday.

(picture taken from here)

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