You can holler, you can wail, you can blow what's left of my right mind.

Lousy lousy week of blogging, you guys. I am truly sorry, seems like I have to figure out a way to work and blog and also have a private life. But more on that some other time (because there is actually big news to be told...). For now, let's finish off the week with a few fun things I found on the internet!

1. Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd in a parody comedy about quirky love storys?! Not sure whether this is actually happening or a spoof, but I'm hoping for the former.

2. I love everything about this. 

3. Since I am going to France today, I thought it might be time for this again.

4. Why they don't drink wine on Mad Men. (If you need some weird nerd knowledge to start a conversation at a party or something..)

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