One of these mornings, you're gonna rise up singing.

On Sunday I went on a spontaneous roadtrip to a lake in the Black Forest. My friend C hat friends from out of town visiting. So, after a lovely breakfast, C, her friend L (I feel a bit like a spy, abbreviating names like this...) and I got into my car and drove up into the upper Black Forest.

The gurrls.

Since we had such a dry winter, the lake's water level has been on a record low. And since there once was a village where there's now just water, it's a bit like Atlantis resurfacing. At least the top of the old chapel is apparently visible above the water. So we started to eye the water surface intensely...

We hiked for a good two hours around the lake, but we didn't see anything suspicious on the water.

When we got tired from all the walking, we sat down in a sweet little café, that served the biggest slices of cake and portions of bacon bread I have ever seen. They also had a cute little garden and a view of the lake.

And when we had eaten up, we waved goodbye to the pretty lake and drove home. Good Sunday!

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